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Why You Need it...
Most people don’t add travel insurance as part of their trip’s cost. If you’re one of those people, just think of the risk of going on vacation to another country or location. Are you prepared to pay for medical damages if something happens and your insurance won’t cover it? Look for only the items that you need coverage for if you are just using your boat to travel somewhere. Travel insurance is good to have but an extended navigational warranty will help protect you while you’re on your boat.

About Marine Travel Insurance
Extended Navigational Warranties
Before purchasing travel insurance, you may already be covered...
Travel Insurance Coverages
Some important coverages travel insurance may
What To Consider When Purchasing
Purchasing what you need...
Is Travel Insurance Necessary?
The question every boater wants answered...
Extended Navigational Warranties  

When you purchase a boat or yacht policy they may include several limitations on your marine insurance, which are called warranties. A navigational warranty limits the coverage of an insured vessel to a specified area. If you plan on traveling outside this area, you should ask Boat Insurance Quote .net about purchasing an extended navigational warranty. The extended navigational warranty will cover everything your boat policy already covers. Also, if you plan on traveling to a distant area with your boat, check into travel insurance. Travel insurance is important if you plan on docking your boat and staying on shore for a vacation, but not necessary if you have an extended navigational warranty.

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Travel Insurance Coverages  

Medical or Dental Coverage

If you travel to another country or continent does your health insurance cover you? In many cases you will only be partially covered which leaves you to pay a big portion of the bill. Travelers will get coverage that can provide transportation home or to a decent medical facility in case of an accident.

Luggage or Personal Possession Loss

No matter how much you watch your valuables sometimes accidents can happen when you’re having fun. If your valuables are lost or stolen you’ll want compensation. Your homeowner’s policy may cover some of this but as with medical, only a portion. Check your homeowner’s policy to see what you’re covered for and whatever you’re missing, be sure to supplement it!

Trip Interruption or Cancellation

Planning a big vacation can be tough to plan ahead sometimes. Travel plans can sometimes change. Are you prepared to lose your money if your trip is cancelled or interrupted? If you’re not then this coverage is for you.

Terrorism or Civil Unrest

Since September 11th we are all aware of what a terrorist attack means and are aware of our surroundings. A terrorist attack can shut down thousands of airports that are not involved in the incident. Also if your airline decides to put the crew and equipment at risk and fly to a troubled destination, they won’t give you a refund it you plan on staying off of the flight. Some passengers may be apprehensive about this type of coverage but it can be an important one.


What will you do if the airline you’re planning on using goes bankrupt and won’t take passengers. What if the new airliner is unable to meet your detailed specific requirements? This is an insurance coverage for those who need a more detailed coverage.

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What to Consider when Purchasing  

The best way to look at Travel Insurance is to look at the worst case scenario. Reasonable risks should be considered. These are risks that are typically involved with the time of year you will be traveling. Insurance companies will try to sell you as many products of theirs as possible, so make sure you’re not purchasing what you don’t need.

Medical Coverage When Traveling to Another Country

If you happen to be traveling into a country with limited medical resources it’s important to purchase medical coverage. It will normally provide transportation to a facility. Your medical insurance will most likely not cover medical treatments in another country.

Check Your Current Policies

Check your current policies to be sure that, if you are covered already, you don’t purchase unnecessary coverage’s. A car rental policy is usually not purchased because they are already covered. Some coverage’s may be covered under your homeowner’s policy.

If You Are a Frequent Traveler

Year round policies are not too expensive and are sold by time frame. Sometimes they can be under $100 per year.

Read the Fine Print

If you are purchasing trip interruption or cancellation insurance be sure to read the fine print. They often spell out specific reasons for cancellation and if your reason is not listed they won’t cover you! Don’t buy until you are satisfied with the coverage.

Travel Agents are Not Experts

Travel agents are specialists on travel not insurance. Contact the insurer and not the travel agent for information on the coverage’s and policies.


Questions are key to find out the right possible coverage for you. Not everything can be covered so highlight the most important items.

Buying Coverage Separate From Your Trips Provider

It may seem odd to purchase your travel insurance from a provider other than the cruise line your traveling on but there are some important reasons not to. Say the cruise line goes bankrupt, are you covered for cancellation costs? They probably won’t cover you. Tours and cruise lines have many exceptions on their policies, while an independent provider has fewer.

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Is Travel Insurance Necessary? To Top

The question every boater wants to know is should I purchase an extended warranty or travel insurance. When you plan on traveling with your boat the first coverage you should purchase is a navigational warranty since many insurance companies only cover your boat in a specified area.

Travel insurance is commonly purchased for trips, such as a cruise or a more expensive trip. However, if you plan on taking a trip somewhere distant in your boat and wish to have certain coverage’s travel insurance is your best bet. The most important are medical coverage’s when traveling to another area.

If you are deciding between the two, you definitely should have an extended insurance coverage for your boat and travel insurance is optional. Contact Boat Insurance Quote .net for coverage options on your extended navigational warranty.

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Your boat is designed to give you years of enjoyment; ensure your fun by choosing the right protection.
Thank you for using Boat Insurance and happy boating.

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