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Buy Targeted Boat Insurance Leads

Marine Insurance for Insurance Agents at Affordable Prices!

Highly Targeted & Relevant Boat Insurance Leads

Finding valuable insurance leads can be difficult in such a competitive industry like boat insurance. At, we capture thousands of inquires for boat insurance from boat owners all over the United States. 100% of our leads come from highly targeted and relevant searches from the organic search results of primary search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You’ll find us on the first page of Google’s organic results for the keyword “Boat Insurance Quote” which is flooded with competitors in Google’s sponsored PPC network. The leads we generate are passed directly to agents in the respective state to comply with insurance licenses.

How It Works

We collect the leads general contact information and any additional information you require (i.e. boat type, size, etc.). The information is passed directly to your agency via email. You pay per lead and are invoiced the total at the end of each month. Each lead is sent to only one insurance company so you will not be competing with other insurance agents from our network. This also means that we have a limited number of agents and companies in each state that we can sell leads to. Call us today at 401-625-1550 to learn more and see if there is availability in your state.

Pricing & ROI

Lead prices vary based on season. While most lead generating companies use Google’s Pay-Per-Click network to gather and disperse boat insurance leads, we generate traffic and collect leads strictly from the organic search results. This means we have extremely low overhead and can sell our leads at more affordable rates. Highly competitive keywords like “Boat Insurance Quote” can cost up to $20/click with Google Adwords and you’re only guaranteed a click not an actually lead. Of all those $20 clicks, you’ll only see between 0-20% conversions rates for quote requests. Skip the disappointment with the advertisement networks and let send you the leads directly; we’ll handle the marketing and you can focus on the sale! Contact us today for more information.

Thank you for using BoatInsuranceQuote.Net and Happy Boating!

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