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Insuring your watercraft can be a complicated process- but at boat insurance we have eliminated the hard part. Within one click of your mouse you can receive a free quote for your boat. Search information on powerboats, sailboats and yachts, as the policies for each watercraft vary. You may also browse through a list of insurance agents and view various travel insurance policies. At boat insurance we are dedicated to helping you find the best policy at the lowest rates!
Boater Resources
  Free Boating Navigational Charts
The most essential tool available to a boater is a navigational chart.
  Boat Recalls
Recall information provided by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  Boating Safety Tips
Learn proper safety steps to prevent accidents on the water.
  Coast Guard Information
Learn about the services of the U.S. Coast Guard.
  Electrolysis Explained
Learn about electrolysis and how it affects your boat.
  Federal & State Regulations
B.I.Q. would like you to be aware of all regulations before you head out onto the water.
  Hurricane Plan
B.I.Q. understands the difficulty of preparing your boat for an upcoming storm or hurricane and that's why we have created a hurricane plan for you.
  Marine Weather Center
B.I.Q. wants you to know the forecast before heading out on the water.
  Parts and Accessories
If you're looking for a wide selection of quality parts and accessories for your boat, you're in the right place.
  The Spring Checklist
B.I.Q. has provided a spring checklist and tips on how to de-winterize your boat as quick and safe as possible.
  Towing Laws
State and local laws could require certain permits and licenses depending on the size and weight of your trailer.
  Towing Services
Find a Quality Boat towing service now!
  Winterizing your boat
B.I.Q. has provided important tips to help any boat survive a long, bitter winter.
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