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Boat Insurance Quote is your source for a marine insurance policy that protects your boat, without draining your pockets. We offer you access to a wide selection of the leading boat insurance providers to meet your policy and budget needs. We understand that every customer's situation is unique and our selection of marine insurance options offers you the tools to make the best choice for you.

Marine Insurance & Financing

At B.I.Q., we understand that when boating season comes around a boat owner's first thought is to send their boat into the water. The last thing they want to think about is a boat insurance policy, however, no matter how much you prepare for accidents, without a boat insurance policy your risking your safety, the passenger's safety and the value of your boat.

Make the right choice when searching for marine insurance or financing. Choose B.I.Q.!

Boat Insurance
Information on Buying or Selling a Boat

Things to Consider when Purchasing Boat Insurance...

While the cost of your boat insurance premium is a factor in the overall decision to insure your vessel, the following discusses additional areas that will will have a major impact should you ever need to file a claim. While most of us look for the best possible price, we should never forget the reason we buy insurance in the first place. Should you ever need to place a claim, you want a company that will settle your claim quickly and without a lot of red tape.

Insurance Company Stability - Research the financial stability of your potential boat insurance provider before you buy. Knowing their stability will help to ensure your boat insurance provider will be there when you need them.


Customer Service - If a claim occurs, you'll want to be treated fairly and quickly. Choose a marine insurance provider with a large network of boat insurance agencies, offices, claim centers, emergency services .


Reputation - Get your boat insurance from a quality boat insurance provider. Choose a company with high standards and a strong reputation. Be careful not to sacrifice a quality policy, for a few pennies.


Coverage options - Your boat insurance needs are unique to you, make sure the boat insurance provider has a wide selection of options.

Price - Although price is important you will need to understand your marine insurance policy and services behind it. Find a balance between peace of mind, financial security and price. Make sure you understand your policy, the lowest price is not always the best protection.
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Your boat is designed to give you years of enjoyment; insure your dreams by choosing the right marine policy protection.
Thank you for using Boat Insurance Quote and happy boating.


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