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State and local laws could require certain permits and licenses depending on the size and weight of your trailer. If your trailer is over eight feet in width, it will require different laws. Some states require side and rear-view mirrors. To double check and decide what requirements you should follow, it is recommended to contact your local department of motor vehicle administration. If you plan on entering another state while towing a boat, be sure to know there requirements.
Towing Laws, Information and Safety
  Towing Laws State-by-State
A summary of boat trailer towing laws.
  The U.S Coast Guard
Provides important safety guidelines for trailer safety.
  The U.S. Department of Transportation
Also provides some helpful information on how to tow a trailer safely.
  Boarding a Vessel
How and when can Marine Enforcement officers board and tow your boat?
Boarding a Vessel:  

Want to know more about your state's boating laws or how they compare with boating laws in other states? The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators offers this reference guide to promote greater uniformity in state boating laws and to facilitate the enforcement and administration of such laws.

Download the Reference Guide to State Boating Laws, Sixth Edition in Adobe Acrobat pdf format (296K) Released January 2001.

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